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Non Violent Communication
Modified for Giraffe Giggles LLC

Our mission: To inspire children and families to talk to each other with kindness.
To raise our children’s voices so the world can hear them and inspire people to talk to each other with giraffe kindness.

Our goal is to modify Marshall Rosenberg’s non violent communication into a simpler language and format to appeal to Children and their families.

Please go to our Giraffe Giggles Facebook page to read how this all started and to learn more about who we are and hope to become.

I started this website, Chrissy Washburn, to share a book I wrote about my Mom’s last year of life and our journey together during that year. That book is still available, called “My Mom’s Last Letter” or “The Christmas Card List”. Please click on the yellow flag at the top of the page if you would like a copy.

Hope you will join me on this new adventure with

Giraffe Giggles.